Figment Woman eau de parfum spray 100ml by Amouage.

Figment woman by Amouage
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 Figment woman eau de parfum spray 100ml by Amouage.


Amouage Figment Woman opens with notes of Sichuan pepper and saffron laid on a bed of gardenia. The glory of tuberose entwines with jasmine sambac and orange blossoms with spicy lilies, frangipani  to make it creamy yet bold.  The dry down of cassia, papyrus, patchouli, orris and slivers of incense completes this delightful fragrance.   It is a bold floral made possible because of the dominant note of tuberose more than the other floral notes.  It’s beautiful and elegant floral that it will be great in summer/fall. 

Amouage’s newest offering, named Figment, is third chapter of ‘Portraits of Life,’ an exuberant exploration of the second cycle of the Amouage narrative by Creative Director Christopher Chong. The fragrances are an expression of elusive beauty inspired by Chong’s fascination with Bhutan, the Land of Happiness.

“Figment is an expression of the Bhutan of my imagination. Neither fantasy nor reality, it is an olfactory hologram, composed of the fragments that make up the intense beauty of life,” says the Amouage Creative Director. “This fragrance manifested itself in my imagination as the most perfect opera, viewed across space and time through antique enameled opera glasses. It comes to life for me on a stage adorned with a profusion of silk threaded with floral embroideries that gradually transform into a delicate divine garden.”