Highness Rose Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale.

Highness Rose Parfum by Montale.
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Highness Rose Parfum Spray by Montale.


Highness Rose is a pure Parfum from Montale's Private Collection. A limited edition fragrance that is a sexy rose - made from the best rose absolute. The richest, freshest, deepest Rose soliflore ever. The quality of the rose absolute is one of the best I have ever smelled. I sense rose otto, rose absolute, damascena and centifolia here. It's not just Bulgarian damascena. I also smell the Turkish Rose absolute and French Rose centifolia absolute within this as well. I am sure there is even some rose otto. The base is also a smooth, rich, elegant mix of woods with a touch of incense. Still, the rose reigns supreme here from opening to drydown accords. No sickeningly sweet candy, vanilla, or other infantile sugar is added to sully this magnificent creation. The natural sweetness derives from the very high quality of the rose extracts. This is a parfum extrait.

This is without question the best rose soliflore parfum and by far one of the most glorious intoxicating shower of roses dream.