IO Capri Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Carthusia.

IO Capri by Carthusia.
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Io Capri Eau de Parfum by Carthusia.


Dedicated to the goddess in whose honour Emperor Tiberius built one the most important imperial villas on Capri,

"Io" is a dynamic and decisive melange, both sophisticated and modern, that combines the ripe, sweet tones of wild fig tree with the happy, stimulating ones of tea leaves.

George Clooney's Signature Scent In 1948 the prior of the Carthusian Monastery on the beautiful Italian island of Capri, discovered a set of age-old perfume formulas dating back to a time when the monks began to discover all the amazing scents of flowers on the island. With the Pope’s consent, the formulas were revived by a local chemist and developed into a unique range of fragrances called Carthusia.

Notes: wild fig and aromatic fresh green tea leaves.