Lady Carthusia Parfum (Profumo) Spray 50ml by Carthusia

Lady Carthusia Parfum (Profumo).
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Carthusia Lady Parfum (Profumo) by Carthusia.


An extravagant and glamorous trip to Capri in the years 1919-1920. At that time an artist and intellectual commissioned the House of Carthusia to create an extraordinary fragrant composition. A perfume that would capture the harmonies and contrasts of this legendary age yet coupled with the unique and fascinating appeal of a Medusa. The notes include violet, bergamote ylang ylang, jasmine, muguet, iris, peach, sandalwood, patchouli and white musk. Sweet and persuasive, ideal for the woman who wants to be at the center of attention.

Capri - A refuge for intellectuals, and aesthetes. In those years, cosmopolitan eccentrics and Haute Volée in their grand mansions on the cliffs overlooking the sea populated the island of Capri, which was once a favorite retreat of a Roman Emperor.