L'Homme aux Gants eau de parfum spray 75ml by Parfums MDCI

L'Homme aux Gants by MDCI.
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L'Homme aux Gants eau de parfum by Parfums MDCI


L'Homme is the first of the 4 fragrances created depicting famous paintings from museum collections and invited several perfumers to create fragrances based on the emotions that they feel in front of a certain canvas.

The first fragrance is dedicated to the Titian picture "A Man with a Glove" (C 1520) which belongs to the Louvre Collection and is located on the first floor in the Mona Lisa Hall.

The perfumer tried to convey the feeling of suede gloves without the help of a suede note using only the general warmth and delicate texture of suede. The dark surroundings - nagarmotha, oud, patchouli blend well together in a sweet woody accord which resembles the smoke from oud wood burning over coals in a censer.

Notes: Nutmeg, hedione, nagarmotha, oud, cedar, patchouli, guaiacwood ,gurjum balsam, tonka beans, benzoin, vanilla and musk.