Lorenzo Villoresi Prepackaged Sample Set of 5 MAN Scents

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Carthusia Samples ~ Mixed Assortment MAN Prepackaged Sample Set of 5 Vials 1.5 ml each It is evident that Mr. Villoresi’s aromatic sonatas are imagined with deep reverence to the origins of perfume. Notes of Laurel, Sage, Rosemary, Fennel and Tomato Leaves plucked directly from a Tuscan garden are given equal voice to primal resins, regal blossoms and sacred woods. His style is a nod to the classics, but he does them one better with the absolute quality of his ingredients and his meticulous execution. You will receive 5 beautiful Lorenzo Villoresi Samples ~ A Mixed MAN Assortment, packaged exclusively by Lorenzo Villoresi and hand picked by TPS Fragrance Specialists. FREE Worldwide Shipping!