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Montale Aoud Parfums


Montale Aoud Perfume Collection Canada

Pierre Montale dedicated a special collection to his fragrances which contains aoud, a rare resin found on certain trees. The aoud is so uncommon; it is referred to as the "Wood of the Gods". Aoud is produced when the Aquilaria/Agar tree is infected by a parasitic fungus.  THe tree naturally secretes a defense against this parasite.  This mechanism produces a very dark and aromatic resin.  This set of wood/parasite/natural defense is taken manually, sheltered from the light in the cellars for several years.  A distillation process occurs to make the oud.   

“The facets of Aoud are endless and its olfactory qualities exceptional. The more I work the Aoud, the more I know it, the more it reveals wealth and makes us want to create around it. It is a matter of a vertiginous depth, which converses a mystery of which we have the silage. Each fragrance is a possibility to highlight an aspect of Aoud, according to different harmonies. 
The Aoud is indomitable, demanding, its texture is unique. It imposes patience. Both in the process that allows it to be obtained, once deposited on the skin. Its wake is intense, fluid and present. Its elegance makes it awaken the senses with subtlety. It is a generous matter which gives happiness and beauty.” Pierre Montale.

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