Private Consultations

Dear Friends

Welcome to the Perfume Shoppe! We recognize that scent is the most important part of your fashion wardrobe, which is why we take special care to fit you with the right fragrances for every aspect of your lifestyle. Choosing the ideal fragrance wardrobe is a difficult task at best, and there are so many choices and so many variables to consider. Where do you begin?

Do you walk into a Department Store and spray as many scents as you can and hope for the right one? Do you read every blog you can and make a choice based on someone’s opinion or well crafted product description? Do you buy what your friends recommend?

At The Perfume Shoppe we know after helping over 100,000 guests personally over a 20 year period, that the best way is to spend a little time with our fragrance expert Naz, whose sole purpose is to guide you through your fragrance wardrobe selection. We offer an array of fragrances including specialty hard-to-find perfumes. Our niche fragrances include those created by master perfume houses such as Amouage, Clive Christian, Lorenzo Villoresi, Montale and Serge Lutens.

Our consultation times must be booked one week in Advance. Proceeds from the booking can be used towards the purchase of products once the selections have been made.

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PFC001 - Half hour private consultation $75.00 call to schedule
PFC002 - One Hour Private consultation $150.00 call to schedule