Royal Crown Discovery Set (5 x10mls) Extrait of Parfum Sprays in White Leather Case. (no. 4)

Royal Crown Discovery Set No. 4
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 Royal Crown Discovery Set (5x10mls) Extrait of Parfum Sprays in White Leather Case. (no. 4)


My Oud - Dark, mystical, warm and elegant; a balance of musk and notes of oud to legendary wood whispered to be worth more than its weight in gold used for devotion and meditation in Buddhist temples for centuries. For oud lovers, this will be love at first sniff, as it takes one journey to the center of Eden.

Absolue - A sublime flavor; a deep, archaic sensuality, in which woody oud, wrapped in the smoky scents of incense and the aromas of rare spices is perceived. A silky smooth base of Gray Amber and Sandalwood blended with the velvety temptation of Patchouli and the sensuous tug of Musk has a long-lasting effect on the skin, long after the dry down, maintaining just enough liveliness to have you buzzing for hours.
A sweet abandonment of the senses, drowning in a sea of warm woods, Rose and Jasmine.

Oud Al Melka’s trail, a concentrate of the best qualities of oud is perceived; an oud that is cleverly mixed with different varieties of rose, sambac jasmine and a trace of precious grey amber which upon contact with the skin makes it  irresistibly sexy.


Oud Santal - The fragrance designed around two kings: Mysore sandalwood with its warm, sensual, balsamic aromas and precious Burmese Agar Oil, with its complex, woody-honeyed shades and antique leather notes.

Oud Jasmine