Taurus 15ml oil (spray) by Strange Invisible Perfumes

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Taurus 15ml oil (spray) by Strange Invisible Perfumes 


The Sensual Realist
Element: Earth

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a compassionate sign very resistant to the influence of others. Lush earthy notes of geranium, maté, oakmoss, vetiver, and frankincense encourage flexibility and optimism without compromising shrewdness. Neroli, rose, and grapefruit court the senses and lighten the mood, allowing Taurus to shine even more brightly. | Custom-distilled esprit de Cognac alcohol from non-GMO, pesticide-free grapes, A proprietary blend of ethically sourced essential oils*

*Certified Organic, Wildcrafted, Biodynamic, or Pesticide-free