Via Verri Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml by Etro.

Via Verri by Etro.
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Via Verri Eau de Toilette by Etro.


Via Verri is deep at the heart of metropolis; the meeting place for ideas, suggestions, colours, desires and iridescent dreams. The top notes transform in a gentle heart full of silky notes, characteristic of metamorphical compositions by the house of Etro. They include powerful mandarin scent in harmony with this pure unadulterated womanly rose veiled by soft, tantalizing spices of cardamom and coriander. The spices never distract from the rose. They enhance her and allow her to become more.....carnal. The spices never entirely go away either. It's as if they are gently holding up these plush, velvety, rose petals that are just starting to wilt. As if her beauty was so irreplaceable that they were called on to extend it just a little bit longer. The heart notes introduces opulence of jasmine and precious note of iris with spicy rhythm of nutmeg and woody-spicy cypress , which impresses with elegance and sensuality and base notes change the course of composition with playful waves of oak, mineral amber and musky accords, which warms the composition, giving a delicate, luxury, fragrant bottom layer.