Vitriol D'Oeillet Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml (Haute Concentration) by Serge Lutens. (retired) Original Packaging

Vitriol D'Oeillet by Serge Luten
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Vitriol D' Oeillet (Haute Concentration) Eau de Parfum by Serge Lutens.
This fragrance is Serge Luten's ode to carnation also known as "The Chic One". An elegant, feminine, quintessential "French" scent. The fragrance opens up with spicy, cooling sensation - a mélange of peppercorns and cloves, where the caramelized sweetness of clove buds are made savory and salty. Almost immediately the spicy richness is offset by a caressing, smooth accord that is halfway between floral petals and cold cream. The creamy floral facet of Vitriol d’Oeillet becomes even more pronounced as the composition dries down.
Vitriol D'Oeillet "No more ghostly than a train, no more sudden than death, nor quicker than the opening of a grave, my vitriol is distilled from carnations. After a moment of hesitation, the carnation-alias the clove pink- is WHAT I am in every sense: this fragrance fraught with anger is my riposte. Its petals, laced with tiny teeth, hold out the solution: a burst of fragrant spikes. Yet the carnation is an obsessive flower." 
Serge Lutens