Lilac Love eau de parfum spray 100ml by Amouage.

Lilac Love by Amouage.
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Lilac Love eau de parfum by Amouage. 


The Secret Garden is a collection of intricate feminine fragrances, where feelings, thoughts, and experiences are freely explored without the complications of the contemporary world. “We are so busy trying to keep up with modernity that we sometimes forget about the simple and traditional things in life and ourselves,” explains Creative Director, Christopher Chong.

Lilac Love, the first fragrance in Amouage’s The Secret Garden Collection. The fragrance captures the true spirit of classical femininity in the modern woman. As the scent of the Lilac flower cannot be extracted, Lilac Love harmoniously recreates the lilac accord to express animalic and powdery tones with a melodious balance of jasmine and rose. The accord is delicately blended with top notes of gardenia, peony, and heliotrope which then descends to a refined gourmand heart notes of iris, cocoa bean, and tonka bean. The warmth of sandalwood lends a charismatic sensuality in the base, along with the subtle richness of patchouli and soft facets of vanilla thus creating a timeless floral symphony with a romantic musky veil. An elegant refined classical feminine fragrance!