About Us

"Spending time with Naz in her quaint shop feels like you're in your own world chatting with a friend you haven't seen in a while. She caurates the most exquisite fragrances from all over the world, is a wealth of knowledge and is so intuitive that she knows what would work best on you and your body chemistry."

Nancy Ho

Build your fragrance wardrobe with us - at The Perfume Shoppe

We are on a mission to help you find the perfect fragrance. When you visit us, we’ll assess your unique tastes, needs, and style during private, 1:1 consultations and offer you a unique selection of fragrances to choose from. We know that your fragrance is as much a key component of your wardrobe as any other accessory and helps to tell the story of who you truly are.

With our expertise, wide selection of niche, natural, hand-crafted perfumes, and commitment to you - The Perfume Shop will help you find the fragrances just right for you.

Hi. I'm Naz.

My passion for fragrances developed many years ago when I was a young girl growing up in Tanzania. I spent many days helping out at my fathers perfume shop, mostly sitting on the counter watching customers come and go. Everyone who left my dad’s shop always seemed filled with joy having found fragrances perfectly suited to them. Those feelings and my deep interest only continued to grow until years later, after immigrating to Canada, I decided to open up The Perfume Shoppe.

The combination of my passion and my time spent helping at my father’s shop has allowed me to grow and develop a unique ability of “matching fragrances”. After taking just a bit of time to get to know you I can confidently and accurately suggest fragrances best suited for you and your life. I am deeply proud that over 80% of customers I interact with leave with the first fragrance I recommend! It’s so meaningful to me to help people from all walks of life find fragrances that represent who they are and I feel grateful each day to do this work.


Our Promise To You

We Value Integrity

We care about more than just selling perfume. We want to make sure you find a fragrance that uniquely and accurately represents you and your life experiences.

Find the Power In Scent

We believe that fragrance can offer a window into the soul. They can hold and share memories, help you understand yourself and serve as a representation of who you are as you move through the world. At the Perfume Shoppe, you can find the scent to help you do just that. 

High Quality Fragrances 

Perfume without the chemicals. All of our fragrances are natural and hand crafted in smaller batches without the added chemicals found in big designer perfumes.