Chypre Fruite Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale.

Chypre Fruite by Montale.
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Chypre Fruite Eau de Parfum by Montale.
Silhouette: This is a genuine chypre fruit! "But this one has a more 'adult' attitude: it's not that sweet and has a special - cold, crystal-clear - quality. 
 A mouthwatering and truly superior offering of succulent tropical nectar, Montale's Chypre Fruite is a perfectly born fruit accord capturing the very moment of idyllic ripeness. This dynamic perfume keeps the fruit notes of its heart in a flawless holding pattern of juicy harmony that never drifts into sicky-sweetness. Chypre Fruite's patchouli, qakmoss, musk and chypre base anchor sublime notes of Rose, Bergamot and Jasmine and bring the notion of paradise to the cool tropical notes at its pinnacle. Ethereal decadence!!! " It's so feminine and long lasting simply chic!