Etro Prepackaged Sample Set of 5 MAN Scents

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Etro Samples ~ Mixed Assortment MAN Prepackaged Sample Set of 5 Vials 1.5 ml each Conceiving a new perfume is an art of the intellect, creating it a marvel of chemistry, knowing how to choose it a sign of style. Describing it is a thankless task strewn with rhetorical figures. For the perceptions are most finely tuned when the eyes are closed, when the wrist sprinkled with a drop of perfume is brought to the nostrils. Thus begins the journey, imbued with assonances, harmonies and nostalgia, through the perfumed world of Etro. 1989 sees the birth of Etro’s perfume collection, which has now reached 24 fragrances, purest concentrates of emotions and flavours. A universe of drops that evokes colour, embraces the senses, conjures up landscapes and moments by skilfully mixing ingredients from near and far to compose fragments of poetry. You will receive 5 beautiful Etro Samples ~ Mixed MAN Assortment, packaged exclusively by Etro and hand picked by TPS Fragrance Specialists. FREE Worldwide Shipping!