Musc Tonkin Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml by Parfum d'Empire.

Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire.
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Musc Tonkin Eau de Parfm by Parfum d'Empire


A powerful and addictive scent of heated flesh, feline, and the subtlety of leather. This elixir reinvents in a novel, contemporary way, the most suave note in perfumery, worshiped for a millennia: Tonkin Musk. Tonkin Musk, produced by a species of Himalayan deer, was one of the most precious ingredients of a perfumer's palette.   They suffused their blends with a sensual aura that fixed and magnified every other essence. Musc Tonkin should be experienced rather than described. An aphrodisiac potion, it changes on each skin. A lick of salt for taste...a heady floral for a whiff of the exotic spells of nature. A liquorous, mulled-fruit burn contrasting with a light veil of powder. Unctuous as honey, melting wax as the finest leather, the scent conjures living flesh heated by pleasure but also its mossy ink- black depths. Musc Tonkin.

 A  unisex powerful, fresh, erotic aura ~ a realm for the senses.