Pegaso Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml by Etro.

Pegaso by Etro.
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Pegaso Eau de Toilette by Etro.


Pegaso is a heraldic figure par excellence - a fragrance that marries the modern freshness of citrus fruits-lime and bergamot. Neroli evokes the memories of Umbrian and Tuscan castles and villages, further infused with the aromas of basil, rockrose, a sprinkling of pepper and iris and a touch of cedarwood. A renaissance of the senses infused with the tangy scent of the hedges of an Italian garden and the balsamic aroma of herbs gathered in the cloisters.

Pegaso was inspired by Pegasus, a mythological horse with wings, along with olfactive evocations of Tuscan, Umbria and its countryside.