A Puredistance I Extrait Prepackaged Sample Mini Box 1ml or Black sample by Puredistance.

Puredistance I or Black sample
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Puredistance I Extrait Mini Sample in a box  or Black sample at The Perfume Shoppe.


One of the world’s most exclusive fragrances, Puredistance I was created by renown Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian in New York: understated elegance in its purest form. Annie initially made this perfume for herself; she wanted to create her own, private masterpiece. When she by chance (or was it synchronicity?) saw the initial concept and philosophy of Puredistance, made by Jan Ewoud Vos, she immediately knew the two concepts were meant for each other. Built on the play of the soft and the crisp, the warm and the cold, the fruity flirtiness and the floral elegance, the aroma is as complex and as polished as the most precious diamond. The citrus blossoms let the cool breeze into the luscious blend of jasmine and mimosa. The very delicate fruity accord in the top is carried on in the heart of the scent by the ever feminine note of magnolia. The graceful earthiness of vetiver in the base enhances the green quality of the blend, while musk and amber add warmth and sensuality to the dazzlingly pristine atmosphere of the composition. With its impeccable proportions and sublime, multifaceted beauty, Puredistance I is destined to become a modern classic.