Black Aoud Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale.

Black Aoud by Montale.
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Black Aoud Eau De Parfum by Montale.


Written about as "The all time favorite niche fragrance! " on the market. What a wonderful surprise that the scent formerly known in circles as the "Beast" could end up smelling like a rose. How original, so sensual, and a bit daring.

Black Aoud is a favorite among niche lovers. This is a dark and mysterious rose scent complemented by the Cambodian Aoud. A deep earthy Indonesian patchouli brings down the rose and integrates well with the Aoud. After several hours the musk adds its sweet presence to the blend with a hint of labdanum.

All these notes together create an aura of intrigue which is both heady and masculine, and yet utterly wearable by women too! Fait accomplice! One of Montale's iconic fragrance!