Black Gold eau de parfum spray 120ml by Mancera.

Black Gold by Mancera.
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Black Gold eau de parfum spray by Mancera.


Black Gold by Mancera is a Leather fragrance for men. Black Gold is a bold masculine-leaning rose, spice, patchouli, and agarwood, all wrapped up in a tough, dark leather accord and swirled in the white hot smoke of burning resin. The top notes  are fougere-like sensibility, teasing the nose with herbal lavender and spicy cinnamon. But then the sturdy patchouli-rose heart reveals itself, blazing through the smoke of burning agarwood, resin, and black leather. The fresh briny breeze of the sea drifts through the dense leather heart, lifting the heavier notes and bringing fresh air to the composition. A sea-salt leather and vetiver warms the base, along with woods, amber, and musk.Freshness and strength united in a mysterious and intense fragrance. A masculine stylish and bold.