C For Women Perfume Spray 50ml by Clive Christian (green floral).

C for Women by Clive Christian.
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C For Women Perfume Spray 50ml by Clive Christian (green floral).


Released from the Private Collection of Clive Christian, two personal favourites for his loyal clients and perfume aficionados around the world. "C" for Women embraces the Clive Christian Perfume House accord of Rose and Jasmine Absolute, yet here it is pushed to crescendo in union with Violet and Tuberose to reveal a perfume brimming with voluptuousness and dangerous pleasure. Violet: Viola Odorata The "flower of modesty" hides its flowers in heart shaped leaves and breathes a sweet, flirty scent as the Iodine present in the flowers turns off the ability for humans to smell the scent for moments at a time. The favorite flower of Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon sent violet bouquets to her on each anniversary as a symbol of his ceaseless devotion. When Josephine died Napoleon kept violets and a lock of Josephine's hair in a locket, which he wore to the end of his life. Tuberose: Polianthes Tuberosa Nothing captures the essence of tuberose better than its meaning in the Victorian language of flowers, signifying dangerous pleasure and voluptuousness. A fusion of white petals and warm skin and an arresting sensual and heady fragrance. A night-blooming plant called "Ye Lai Xiang" in Mandarin or "fragrance that comes at night" requiring 3,600 pounds of blossoms to produce one pound of the absolute, making tuberose oil one of the most expensive in perfumery.

Top Notes: Bergamot, coriander seed, lie de vin (cognac oil, wine sediment), narcisse (daffodil), geranium, mandarin, petitgrain, tagete (marigold)

Heart Notes: Tuberose, jasmine, rose, violet, osmanthus (apricot aroma), ylang ylang (placed on the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia), orange flower, cistus (rock rose labdanum resin/gum with a smoky, marshy scent)

Base Notes: Amber, vetiver (thin aromatic roots), vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk.

Original packaging of Clive Christian C for women.