Chergui Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml by Serge Lutens.

Chergui by Serge Lutens
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Chergui Eau De Parfum by Serge Lutens.


One of Serge Luten's classic fragrance. Chergui is a beautiful, haunting elixir... named after a temperamental wind that seasonally blows through the Moroccan desert. It commands a sultry audience with notes of Sandalwood and spice with an evolving honey, incense, tobacco leaf, hay sugar, honey acquiring a creaminess and depth, as well as a little growl from amber and musk in the base softened by a blushing kiss of Rose and Iris.

"A fire fanned by the wind, a desert in flames. As if bursting from the earth, Chergui, a desert wind, creates an effect that involves suction more than blowing, carrying plants, insects and twigs along in an inescapable ascent. Its full, persistent gusts crystallize shrubs, bushes and berries, which proceed to scorch, shrivel up and pay a final ransom in saps, resins and juices. Night falls on a still-smoldering memory, making way for the fragrant, ambery and candied aromas by the alchemist that is Chergui."  Serge Lutens