Chocolate Greedy Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale.

Chocolate Greedy by Montale.
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Chocolate Greedy Eau De Parfum by Montale.

 Silhouette: Chocolate Greedy opens with a delicious gourmand accord. Notes of milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla - the mouth-watering olfactory illusion of praline. It's a boozy, dark chocolate and coffee bean scent, rich and smooth and lovely, but not too sweet at all. As the notes bloom on your skin, the hazelnuts supersede the chocolate and the praline aroma transforms into sugar-coated roasted almonds. Chocolate Greedy is not a fake cocoa scent at all. It is very authentic and has some depth, which makes it more.."mature", unlike some other infamous chocolate fragrances out there. It's also not over the top sweet, which is good, if you like your gourmands on a mild accord. There is definitely the sumptuous scent of vanilla mixed in. Although the scent is quite strong at first, it becomes progressively quieter, staying close to the skin. 

Notes: tonka bean, dry fruits, orange, and Madagascan vanilla.


Perfect for Vanilla lovers and comfort scent wearers everywhere! The best comfort scent ever! The best chocolate - excuse me, COCOA - scent ever! Willy Wonka couldn't have done a better job creating this if he tried! This is not a fragrance, it' s a dessert!


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    The best perfume I've ever put on

    Posted by Ying Ju Liu on 10th Jan 2017

    I really love how intrusive this perfume is. It has a sweet scent but a beautiful chocolate note and when I wear it it lasts all day on me. It's very rare that something stays on me for the whole day. If you like cozy and calming vanilla scents, you should give this a try and see how the chocolate reacts to your body chemistry, Definitely worth every drop.