Clive Christian C - Woody Leather For Men eau de parfum spray 50ml.

C Woody Leather for Men by CC.
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 Clive Christian C  - Woody Leather For Men eau de parfum spray 50ml.


Released from the Private Collection of Clive Christian, two personal favourites for his loyal clients and perfume aficionados around the world. C  Woody Leather for Men is a deep oriental fragrance exuding leather and precious woods echoing the hallmark spices of the House to reveal a dominant spirit and seductive strength.  C Woody Leather for Men maintains the complex character of the Clive Christian Perfume House enhanced here with treasured Saffron spice and oud bringing a dominant spirit and seductive strength throughout the perfume.

Saffron: Crocus Sativus Still the most expensive spice in the world and worth its weight in gold, Saffron has been revered since ancient times. Strewn in ancient Greece and Roman courts and theatres the treasured spice was sprinkled on the streets of Rome for Nero's entrance to the city. Adulterers of the treasured spice were condemned to death in Europe's Middle Ages by Henry 8th who held Saffron in the highest regard as a seductive essence. Cultivation: Derived from the dried stigmas of the hand collected purple saffron crocus in the autumn, when fully open it takes anything from 70,000 to 250,000 flowers to make one pound of saffron.