Clive Christian L Men eau de parfum spray 50ml

L for Men by Clive Christian.
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   Clive Christian L Men eau de parfum spray 50ml


L” for Men is a spicy perfume with a glorious celebration of precious woods. It takes the wonderful smoky-green aroma of vetiver and combines it with cedar atlas and fir balsam to add rich sweetness, with some musk for sensuality and spices to bring the whole base notes alive and enhance the beauty of the vetiver - the oil of tranquillity. At the top of the traditional pyramid, grapefruit leads the way with a bright citrus note, which also livens up the natural green-citrus notes, whilst tones of oud, rose and petitgrain mandarinier round out the fragrance to give it a nice modern, distinctive edge.

Joining his “C” and his “V” Perfumes in the Private Collection, Clive has selected the letter “L” from his name to become the final addition to what is now a trilogy of luxury perfumes.The Private Collection consists of perfumes that are amongst his great personal favourites – “C” for Clive, “V” for Victoria. And now “L” for Love, the most important, yet also the most invisible ingredient in every relationship. Love is the perfect emotion to bind this collection together.