Clive Christian No. 1 For Women eau de parfum spray 50ml

No.1 Women by Clive Christian
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 Clive Christian No. 1  For Women eau de parfum spray 50ml 
The World's Most Expensive Perfume. Created without reference to cost to contain the most rare and precious natural ingredients. This extravagance created "The Worlds Most Expensive Perfume" No.1 for Women – Serene and sophisticated with Indian jasmine, Tahitian Vanilla and rose centrafolia associated with Aphrodite, Goddess of art, love, beauty and creativity.  This glorious bouquet harbors no wallflowers, it is all poise and conviction as it boasts an accord of the most precious of rare materials. It is the Peacock fanning its tail for all to admire as if it were a gesture made without effort. The sumptuous notes of this high floral matrimony in conjunction with its sheer opulence truly make this a stand out perfume. Precious Jasmine from India, Orris, Ylang Ylang, Carnation, Orchid and Rose are the masterpiece at the heart of No.1. Vanilla Tonka, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk and Amber compose its formidable base, while White Peach, Bergamot and Pimento Oil gather the entire accord in its delicate arms and hold it up to heaven.
Chic, Lux, Enlightened, Lavish, Extravagant is this fragrance for a woman that has everything but the best in fragrance!