Cuir Garamante Eau de Parfum Spray 75ml by Parfums MDCI.

Cuir Garamante by MDCI.
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Cuir Garamante Eau De Parfum by Parfums MDCI. (Bust Not Included).
A spice chest of tantalizing vanilla, saffron and papyrus scents, intermingled with twists of rich leather. This sexy fragrance wafts tendrils of oud-like incense through the air as it shimmers its way through the evening, releasing notes of rose and sandalwood. This leather is very balmy and smoky with a surprising refreshing rosy start.

Garamante refers to a Saharian tribe (the Garamantians) during the Antiquity. Approach with caution you feline, for he exudes this powerful leather fragrance that makes him oh so mysterious and dangerous!