Fabulous Yuzu eau de parfum spray 60ml by Mancera

Fabulous Yuzu by Mancera
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Fabulous Yuzu eau de parfum spray 60ml by Mancera


In the heat of the summer, you are looking not only for the shades but for some true freshness. The freshness of the woods provides shelter to the visitor, as a bright touch of citrus to stay awake when the sun spares no one. Here lies something new, a window to another world, a new definition for «gourmand» during a scorching afternoon.
This generous iconic fruit from the Empire of the Rising Sun is probably the best official of the citrus delegation and speaks for all of them.
In our journey to Yuzu, we thus met the bite of lemon, the smile of grapefruit, the juiciness of tangerine, and the aromatic character of bergamot.

Our greedy friend Yuzu keeps being an olfactive territory to discover in the fragrances continent.
So we combined it with Mysore sandalwood and tonka beans providing him a tasteful ground to express its brightness, while a slight powdery note of mimosa would give him a precious floral sidekick.

FABULOUS YUZU is a contrasted scent: a velvet that keeps you fresh, rich but sharp, greedy and acidulated, a woody citrus, the fruit, and the land where it grew up. A perfume where gourmets men and women from all over the world will find both solid foundations and sparkles in the air.

Top notes: Japanese Yuzu, Mandarin & Lemon, Cinnamon.
Middle notes: Vetiver Roots, French Jasmine, Touch of Mimosa.
Base notes: Vanilla & Tonka Beans, Sandalwood from Mysore.