Floriental Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Comme des Garcons.

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Floriental by Comme des Garcons.
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 Floriental Eau de Parfum by Comme des Garcons.


 Floriental is a disrupted floral fragrance that challenges the traditions of perfumery to re-imagine a flower that has no scent. A creative collision that blurs the lines between the floral and the oriental to create something completely new. An odourless flower is given life, a virtual scent imagined: enigmatic, contrasted, intense. Floriental's top sharp note is incense with pink pepper and a light plum liquer note.  Floriental's sandalwood heart is milky and comforting but not full bodied.


Notes of: Labdanum, lavish sandalwood, vetiver, incense,  pink pepper and plum liqueur.