Intense Tiare Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale

Intense Tiare by Montale.
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Intense Tiare Eau de Parfum by Montale.


Gardenia Tahitensis, or Tiare, is a tropical flower found in Polynesia, and is the emblem of Tahiti. It flowers all year round, and has a delicate yet sensual fragrance, reminiscent of gardenia and tuberose and a very light hint of coconut.

Intense Tiare is a fragrance that legends are made of. The Tiare is the Tahitian equivalent of the gardenia, and it is highly coveted by the islands natives. It is placed in the home and bed of newlyweds for thirty days after they are married and the scent of the flower is said to guide the couple to realize the secret fullness of God. Tane: The God of Beauty who the Tahitians believed created the Tiare flower, might be envious of this glorious perfume!!! 

Notes: Tiare flower, coconut, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and vanilla.