MDCI Porcelain Limoges Bust with Eau de Parfum fragrance of your choice.

MDCI Porcelain Limoges Bust
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MDCI Porcelain Limoges Bust Perfume Stopper Man
Featuring the unique shaped bottles which look like the miniature objects d’art, this exclusive collection of perfume has drawn many people’s heart not only for its pleasant smell, but also for the exquisite look of the package. Made from Limoges bisque porcelain, the MDCI busts are unique in the stoppers which are in the form of classic bust sculptures. Great care has been invested into the beauty of the flacon destined to contain the precious exclusive MDCI fragrances. Sculpted with great attention to detail, the immaculate white bisque stoppers capture the beauty of the original crystal models: the serenity of the graceful feminine figure, the strength of the masculine portrait. Snow-white, stone-hard and soft as silk, bisque is the perfect complement to the precious crystal flacons painstakingly produced in small numbers for collectors. The result is a collection of truly unique but practical spray flacons which simply have no equivalent; they contribute making experiencing the MDCI fragrances an emotional and intense pleasure.