Royal Crown Discovery Set (5 x10mls) Extrait of Parfum Sprays in White Leather Case (No. 1).

Royal Crown Discovery Set No. 1.
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 Royal Crown Discovery Set (5 x10mls)  Extrait of Parfum Sprays in White Leather Case (No. 1)


Isabella - With Isabella, it seems that the perfumer took tuberose and ambergris and opened a big wide window with sunshine coming through. The official notes are rose, rum, tuberose, vanilla, tonka bean, ambergris and sandalwood. 

Tzar is a masculine citrusy green fragrance with notes of nutmeg, grapefruit and pepper, Lily of the Valley and Magnolia, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Cedar.

Noor -  A deep, resinous scent, loaded with spices, with floral heart notes and deep amber, earthy patchouli dark resins and quiet vanilla, all of which combine to make a visceral and raw scent experience.  A thick incense burning on coal with spices filling the air looking like mysterious eyes flashing like a very real feeling that you’ve never smelled anything like this magnificent amber perfume before.

Imperator - A warm well-balanced green fragrance with notes of: Olive Leaf, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Laurel, Florentine Iris, Rose Absolute, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedar wood

My Oud - Dark, mystical, warm and elegant; a balance of musk and notes of oud to legendary wood whispered to be worth more than its weight in gold used for devotion and meditation in Buddhist temples for centuries. For oud lovers, this will be love at first sniff, as it takes one journey to the center of Eden.