Standard eau de toilette spray 100ml by Comme des Garcons.

Standard by Comme des Garcons.
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Standard Eau De Toilette by  Comme des Garcons. 
Standard is a fragrance composed of Finnish Labrador Tea (also known as Indian Tea) extracted from fir-smelling evergreen shrub and a Linaea borealis blossom ( from Honeysuckle family). It smells like raw wood and other woodshop smells (turpentine, camphor). Standard, despite having a different perfumer (Olivier Pescheux), and different notes (Finnish Labrador teatwinflower, metal, rust, fennel, ginger, lemon, musk, saffron and cedar) smells like a variation on that theme of Hinoki. The raw wood — lots of cedar-y pencil shavings — is mostly in the opening, where it mingles with sharp, greenish herbs (a woodshop with the window open to the garden outside or with herbs hanging from the rafters) and a heavy metallic note. It has subtle but distinct medicinal undertones and a rough feel.  The dry down is softer and smoother with an almost velvety finish.
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