Sticky Fingers extrait of parfum spray 30ml by Francesca Bianchi

Sticky Fingers by Francesca B.
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 Sticky Fingers extrait of parfum spray 30ml by Francesca Bianchi


his perfume sticks not just to your fingers, but perversely sticks to your mind. The perfume revolves around Patchouli, in a decadent and sumptuous interpretation. The opening immediately puts on the table the powerful weapons: an intense, almost boozy patchouli and leather. It is somehow wild and carefree, dangerously dressed in leather but playful. The dry-down gets softer and more complex, thanks to a dirty iris butter which makes the whole atmosphere smoother and more intriguing. Don’t get fooled by iris, no romance is going on here: tobacco leaves are rolled, the leather jacket is eventually thrown somewhere, and the delightful and tempting smell of skin finally emerges.

Accords: Coriander, cinnamon, orris butter, patchouli, sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, castoreum, leather, tobacco, tonka bean.

Mood: Rock, Chic, Decadent, Luxurious