Vanilla Absolu Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale.

Vanilla Absolue by Montale.
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Vanilla Absolu Eau De Parfum by Montale.


Vanilla Absolu is an elegant and refined vanilla scent. Vanilla Absolu feels like a true perfume oil on the skin. It's smooth and just the tiniest bit greasy, and it's exactly the same temperature as your skin, making it feel as if you haven't put anything on at all. A natural vanilla that is so easy to wear!

The top notes reveals a serving of cotton candy, the modern way for a perfume to announce its sweetness, but then warms up with cinnamon and cloves. At the base, the sweetness is blended with a wood accord which makes it a nicely blended adult vanilla.

If you desire a Vanilla fragrance to become one with, one that is endlessly long lasting, a high quality vanilla, ladies search no longer. This is it!