Vanilla Extasy Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Montale.

Vanilla Extasy by Montale.
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Vanilla Extasy Eau De Parfum Spray by Montale.


Vanilla Extasy is a floral oriental fragrance. Time to revel in the sweet warmth of an intoxicating vanilla. Those who prefer their vanilla to be understated will appreciate this complex bouquet. Sandalwood, ylang ylang, peach, apricot and vanilla have equal play in this warm symphony of smells that inspires requests for an encore. It will bring you to your feet shouting Bravo, Montale, Bravo!

Vanille Extasy starts as a lovable, cuddly, peach-vanilla, a (peaches and cream) delight then moves to the complexity of a wood blend with a finality of delicious, sensual vanilla. While the duo of the woods and then the vanilla lend a sameness to Montale's Boise Vanille (marketed towards men), Vanille Extasy is a prettier, more haughty fragrance. It is a very nice, deep, sweet but a not too cloying take on the ever so popular vanilla. The sandalwood that plays the key note with mahogany and the dark balsamic feature of benzoin provide an excellent conclusion. This provides an adult feature as the woods provide an excellent contrast to the jasmine infused vanilla. 

Vanilla Extasy will leave you feeling ecstatic! Vanilla Extasy is similar to Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb but better quality and sillage.